Wednesday, February 15, 2012

furry bums!

Did you happen to read the article in last Saturdays Good Weekend about the declining Koala population? Apparently it is very possible that they could become extinct our own lifetime, this is something I found both alarming and saddening. I simply can't image not been able to take future generations around Somers to meet some of our local Koalas, or as they are know at our place, the Furry Bums.

Imagine my delight this morning to see this young Furry Bum strolling along Wills rd. Oblivious to the passing cars he (or she) was taking a leisurely approach to the day and to my surprise stopped and drank for some time out of bowl of water left by a caring Somers local.

This Furry Bum is one of the estimated less than 100,000 that exist in Australia today, let's all please slow down and open our eyes to be sure that he (or she) lives a long healthy life and maybe even has a baby or two!