Thursday, March 30, 2017

starry nights & sitting still

Now I know that 2 blog posts in 1 week might start to freak you all out a little - I may just get back in to the swing of this after all!

In case you hadn't noticed I'm one of those people who doesn't stop - why would I, there is always something fabulous to be doing or to be done. I think that's why I have never really dabbled in to night sky photography as it involves a lot of sitting still and soooooo much patience. But I tell you after what had been few hectic days, sitting on the beach at Kilcunda admiring the Aurora Australis and the amazing star show was just what I needed. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

sunday stills ...

Do you try to be still on a Sunday - you know, one of those folk that just stays at home to recharge and relax? I can't stand those folk. Not because I think your Sunday should be action packed and to do list smashing - it's a simple jealousy thing. Never will I post about spending all day on a boat relaxing, or in the sun reading a book. Who are these people and what do they do during the week to make their Sundays so magical. I must find out why they don't have mountains of washing to deal with, lost school notices to find and work to catch up on - I'll be sure to share my finding with you xx