Wednesday, August 29, 2012

oh my... appears that the first Red Hill market has snuck up on me and I have had a busy few days preparing all of my new stock. I love a day at the market, lets keep our fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us for this first one of the season. 

I hope to see you there, this Saturday September the 1st @ Red Hill Showgrounds.

Monday, August 20, 2012


...and today the feisty yet fabulous five year old and I formed the Secret Society of Somers Chocolate Mouse Makers (she's in charge, I just do as I'm told). 

You can not image how much fun making these and then sneakily delivering them to people doorsteps is!   

You may well ask why and my simple answer is well why not xx

a very wintery Somers WInter Market...

So I am sure that you didn't think that this week would go by without a post about our annual Somers Winter Market. Will wintery it was with persistant showers throughout the day (of course it was sunny the day after) but that didn't deter the crowds who drove, walked, cycled and caught the bus to enjoy the fantastic food, incredible wares and fabulous entertainment that was available. 

I myself had a rather dry and comfortable position up in the homestead with a little exhibition of my work from the past 3 years where I had a birds eye view of the markets activities. If you are one of the many who I met on the day who are new to my work and this blog, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Thanks to those of you who have been here before and who came along just to say Hi and to see what I was up to, your support means the world to me. 

Hi Georgia! 

In the homestead I had beautiful background music supplied by Whisky Gypsy from out on the verandah and nearby were coffee, cakes and wine - what more could I need! 

...and of course as in previous years and other markets I was once again drawn to the amazing work of Sarah Dingwall. Together with a couple of precious items from her I picked up the most amazing green recycled blanket poncho from the crafty ladies at Things for Folk - no photos here though you'll have to keep an eye out for me in it! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

all set up...

..well today was the day for me to set up my little exhibition that will form part of the fabulous Somers Winter Market this Saturday. So to Coolart Homestead I headed this morning with my carefully packed car of framed and mounted images and set up I did. To say that I am thrilled with the results, a room full of my photography ready for all who wants to take a look, is a little bit of an understatement. I am really looking forward to Saturday and to chatting to all those who stop by.....I hope to see you there! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

a morning at treehouse... what was one to do on this wet, windy and wild day you say, well not bookwork, framing, marketing or domestic jobs (although they remain very high on the to do list) but to spend the morning with the gorgeous Emma and Sarah from Treehouse Textiles making a super cute frame purse.

Under Emmas watchful eye we selected our fabrics and followed some simple steps that lead to purse making nirvana. Fuelled by Sarahs continual caffeine supply complimented nicely by the most delectable macaroons we sewed and chatted our way through 3 hours of handcrafting bliss. 

And here are some of the results - I'm in love with mine (the very cool green one with the black polka dot interior) and can't wait to show it off on my next trip to the to get to the rest of that list! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cutting room floor... although I find the pic below to be thoroughly beautiful it was in fact completely unintentional (not sure I should be sharing that) Cropped from a larger botanical image, I love the colour combinations and lack of clarity and plan to incorporate it into some new wedding promotions I am working on.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

two weeks this Saturday...

So yes, August seems to have snuck up on us together with the fabulous Somers Winter Market and this year I am doing things a little bit different. 

As part of the festivities on the day I will be exhibiting selected pieces from the past 3 years inside the historic Coolart Homestead.

Drop by for a fabulous market and pop in to the Homestead and say Hi. 

 A full list of exhibition pieces will be listed here the week before.