Wednesday, May 16, 2012

time pushes on...

 So at some stage this week it appears that I will be having a birthday, try as I will to ignore the event it seems that there are plenty who will make sure I can't. Although I'm not technically old (mid 30's) it did come as a shock to me when I realised that I received my first camera 26 years ago. The Kodak VR35 took a mean photo and goodness did I give her a workout. 

It was when showing the feisty yet fabulous five year her mothers first camera that I started to feel old, after looking through the viewfinder and pressing the button she was somewhat confused that you had to wind the camera on and her amusement at the lack of screen for viewing the picture that she had just taken made me laugh. Imagine her horror when told that in the "olden days" we couldn't just look at the pictures that we had taken and that we had to take the film to the processing lab and then wait over a week to get the pictures back! I can't wait tell her about the time before iPhones etc! 

Oh and on that first roll of film 26 years ago there were a good range of pics including many of family and friends and the below image of my much loved Cabbage Patch dolls. The dolls may have long gone however the camera I am pleased to say remains - I may just have to pop a roll of film through her to see how she goes!