Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Photograph,

Have you caught on to Dear Photograph, I have and just love it, taking a picture from the past in the present. I'm not sure if I'll submit mine but have had the most enjoyable time looking through boxes of old pictures and considering just how much life changes and how simple it really can be. 

Dear Photograph, 
Oh yes thats me, the one in red having fun at Somers beach, enjoying carefree times of lilo surfing, cliff jumping and crab hunting. Where it didn't matter how much was on the to do list still be be done or how many emails remained unattended to. I still have a thing for red bathers and for paddling in the surf. The sand cliffs near the yacht club have long gone along with the little ice cream kiosk on the corner. The fun times carry on though, and the little one on the sand, well she's mine and I'm doing my very best to make sure she has just as many happy memories as I do.
janis xx

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