Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my dad...

...my dad, Denis, is an incredible man, not only he is kind, supportive and generous but when he puts his mind to it he can do just about anything. Living just around the corner here we are lucky to be able to share our lives with his, something that at times may be taken for granted but never ever do I forget just how lucky we are. 

Right now dad is building a boat, a skiff. I don't know much about boat building however after growing up with dad, visiting local yacht clubs together with visits to boat building friends, I have an appreciation for the craftsmanship and patience that it takes to delve in to such a project. It is with much enthusiasm and interest that I round the corner to dads place and wander into his carport where build is taking place. I value the lesson that this project of his is giving my daughter, to buy something is an action that anyone can take, but to create something with your own two hands is simply something else.

You can follow dads progress here -