Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thanks for stopping by............

I am having a tiny celebration here tonight as this little blog of mine has had its 1000th visitor.

A big thank you to you all, my family, my friends old and new, and to those of you who I don’t know but who have joined me for the ride.

Thank you for your emails and comments of support and encouragement.


  1. J - Congrats on reaching the 1000 mark. You just keep getting better and better with your eye for detail and the way you view the world!
    Have fun tonight.

  2. Hi Janis - What a talented niece I have!! Just love your photos and your comments. You are an inspiration - and I love the way you view the world too!

    I lost your blog address as we changed servers, but now I have it again I look forward to seeing your wonderful photos on a regular basis.
    Love xx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pics Janis. You really do have a talent!! Love Noels

  4. HI Janis

    These photos are amazing, very good work indeed.

    Im looking forward to you next blog

    - Quinn Fest

  5. Hi,
    I live in Somers, and some of the photos you take are of places I didn't know could be so amazing. I love them. Thanks for making me smile. :)