Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabulous Fiji

We have been fortunate enough to spend the last week in fabulous Fiji where the water is warm and the sun comes out to play (well most days anyway).

This was our first trip to Fiji and I must say that I think we may have fallen in love with both the picturesque landscape and the incredibly friendly people.

Our days were filled with swimming and sightseeing together with a healthy dose of relaxing and soaking in the tropical way of life.

Makes me look forward to our warm weather just that little bit more!

Bula Vinaka!

Although I do love a Somers sunset there is something special about viewing the setting sun as you fly towards it in the sky. The impossibly bright oranges and vivid blues seem to last forever, long after the sun has set, and help to make a flight of any distance just that little more enjoyable.